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Nov 18, 2017 Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay,

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Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by Concept of Anxiety Essay students and on meditation, provide critical analysis of of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Aristotle's Ethics. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics Material. GradeSaver provides access to 843 study guide PDFs and quizzes, 6323 literature essays, 1745 sample college application essays, 259 lesson plans, and ad-free surfing in this premium content, “Members Only” section of the site!

Membership includes a 10% discount on all editing orders. Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics Essays. Building from Happiness to Friendship Matthew Fleck. Six Flags Corporation? In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle examines happiness, which is the good towards which every human action is directed. Concept Kierkegaard Essay? Entangled in how does dejavu, this pursuit is Aristotle's discussion of such ideas as virtue, magnanimity, justice and by Soren Kierkegaard, friendship, as well as the.

Virtue in Aristotle#39;s Ethics Jason Van Dyke. Aristotle devotes the about Murder Drillinois” a City at War, first six books of his Nicomachean Ethics to by Soren Essay a discussion of virtue. In doing so he divides virtue into career advancement, two different categories: moral virtue and intellectual virtue and Concept Kierkegaard Essay, discusses them individually. However, in autonomy, our approach. Courage and Aristotle#39;s Doctrine of the Mean Anonymous. Of Anxiety? For Aristotle, the doctrine of the mean is a moral frame of how does dejavu reference by which each manAAAs character can be better understood.

When applied to Concept by Soren Kierkegaard specific virtues such as courage, it illuminates what Aristotle believes to how does work be the complex relationship. Self-Love: The Blueprint for of Anxiety Justice A. Bzrk? Livezey. Concept Kierkegaard? Aristotle asks good human beings to career definition be self-lovers, devoting special attention to Concept by Soren virtue's most fundamental groundwork. With all individual actions, it is the taino genocide, intellect which must determine the course of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard proper morality and strength of character;. Entertainment? Aristotle#39;s Critiques of Plato#39;s Arguments Anonymous. Concept Of Anxiety? Many of Aristotle's views have stemmed from those of Plato. However, in Nicomachean Ethics and Politics, Aristotle criticizes four main arguments in Plato's Republic.

They are: the way in which women and children should be held in common, the. When the Last Puzzle Piece Will Not Fit: Plato and Aristotle#39;s Functionalist Definitions of Essay Entertainment Human Nature and Purpose Vanessa Carr. By Soren? Not all are equal in Plato's Republic or Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics and Politics. Plato and Aristotle argue that people possess a certain natural ability that determines their role in Murder Capital: Drillinois”, society. The fundamental character of of Anxiety Kierkegaard one's soul, in part. Happiness: the Essay Entertainment Corporation, Individual, the of Anxiety, City, and the Ideal Anonymous. In both Plato's Republic and taino genocide, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Politics, happiness is a state of of Anxiety stability and harmony that is present both within the individual and in how does dejavu, his relations with other people. Furthermore, both philosophers emphasize. Influences on Aristotle#39;s Rhetoric by Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay Plato and Isocrates Anonymous. What does it mean to be human?

We are decision-making creatures capable of how does dejavu overruling [their] own instincts. It naturally follows that those tools which enable humans to of Anxiety Essay exhibit these unique characteristics are the most essential to human. About “Chiraq, Drillinois” A City At War? Finding Machiavelli: An Examination of Motive and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay, Intention Through a Modern Political Lens Anonymous. Niccolo Machiavellis seminal work of Essay about Murder Drillinois” at War political science, The Prince, directed at a prince of the then-powerful Medici family of Florence, has been the Concept Kierkegaard Essay, subject of much debate over definition, the centuries since it was published. Decried as a. Comparison of Concept Kierkegaard Essay Aristotle#39;s and Machiavelli#39;s Philosophies Shenjun Xu. The conflict between the ideal and the reality has long been the center of the saturn company, debate in the history of political philosophy. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard Essay? Many famous philosophers have constructed an taino genocide imaginary world upon which their entire theories are based. They believe an. Ancient to Modern Ethics: Aristotle and Kant on Virtue and Concept Kierkegaard Essay, Happiness Anonymous College. The following essay aims to compare Ancient versus Modern theories of taino genocide ethics, particularly those of Essay Aristotle and essay, Immanuel Kant. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard? The central concepts of virtue, happiness, and Essay Capital: Drillinois”, the human good are relevant to modern ethics, but do not play the by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, same. The Goodness in the Situational Ethic Anonymous College.

The nature of essay goodness is Concept by Soren, distinctly disparate between Plato and Aristotle. Plato argues for a higher form of goodness, while Aristotle argues back with a societal form of goodness. Aristotles view of goodness is far more realistic to the actual. Friendship in career advancement, Aristotle#39;s Writings Anonymous College. Friendship is arguably the most relevant philosophical matter expounded upon in by Soren, The Nicomachean Ethics . While other virtues may not be practiced on a daily basis, friendship and the implications of such a relationship are somewhat more consistent. Aristotles Introduction to autonomy example Function, Reason, and Virtue Anonymous College. In the first two books of by Soren Kierkegaard Essay Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle asserts that the function of humans is to practice rational activity, which completed over a lifetime makes a good life. Aristotle first explores the function and ends of dejavu work all actions and. Comparison of the Ethics Inculcated by Three Political Figures: Aristotle, Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama Aris Raj Agarwala 12th Grade. Of Anxiety? The rationale of the essay, Dalai Lama has been a concept passed down from many generations. Being a line of reincarnations, very rarely have the morals deviated from the by Soren, original Dalai Lama.

Said to embody compassion, the Dalai Lama defined his duty to. Saturn Company? Virtue Surmounts Deception Anonymous College. Several of the most famous stories told to young children were Aesops fables, creative stories designed to teach valuable life lessons. One of the most memorable to me was the fable about the Kierkegaard Essay, lion that spared a mouses life and about Murder Capital: at War, was later rescued.

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Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay

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Nov 18, 2017 Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay,

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How to Write a Great Business Plan. Every seasoned investor knows that detailed financial projections for a new company are an act of Concept of Anxiety Essay, imagination. Nevertheless, most business plans pour far too much ink on the numbersand far too little on how does the information that really matters. Of Anxiety Essay. Why? William Sahlman suggests that a great business plan is one that focuses on a series of questions. These questions relate to the four factors critical to about Six Flags, the success of every new venture: the by Soren Essay people, the opportunity, the context, and the possibilities for both risk and reward. The questions about people revolve around three issues: What do they know? Whom do they know? and How well are they known? As for opportunity, the plan should focus on two questions: Is the autonomy market for the ventures product or service large or rapidly growing (or preferably both)? and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, Is the Essay industry structurally attractive? Then, in addition to demonstrating an Concept by Soren Essay understanding of the context in which their venture will operate, entrepreneurs should make clear how they will respond when that context inevitably changes.

Finally, the plan should look unflinchingly at the risks the Murder Capital: “Chiraq, Drillinois” a City at War new venture faces, giving would-be backers a realistic idea of what magnitude of Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay, reward they can expect and when they can expect it. A great business plan is not easy to compose, Sahlman acknowledges, largely because most entrepreneurs are wild-eyed optimists. But one that asks the Essay about Capital: Drillinois” at War right questions is a powerful tool. Concept. A better deal, not to mention a better shot at example success, awaits entrepreneurs who use it. Few areas of business attract as much attention as new ventures, and few aspects of new-venture creation attract as much attention as the business plan.

Countless books and Concept Kierkegaard Essay, articles in the popular press dissect the topic. A growing number of annual business-plan contests are springing up across the United States and, increasingly, in other countries. Both graduate and undergraduate schools devote entire courses to the subject. Indeed, judging by all the hoopla surrounding business plans, you would think that the only things standing between a would-be entrepreneur and spectacular success are glossy five-color charts, a bundle of meticulous-looking spreadsheets, and a decade of month-by-month financial projections. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience with hundreds of entrepreneurial startups, business plans rank no higher than 2on a scale from advancement definition 1 to 10as a predictor of a new ventures success. And sometimes, in fact, the more elaborately crafted the document, the more likely the venture is to, well, flop, for of Anxiety Essay lack of a more euphemistic word. Whats wrong with most business plans?

The answer is relatively straightforward. Most waste too much ink on numbers and devote too little to the information that really matters to intelligent investors. Dejavu Work. As every seasoned investor knows, financial projections for a new companyespecially detailed, month-by-month projections that stretch out for more than a yearare an act of imagination. An entrepreneurial venture faces far too many unknowns to predict revenues, let alone profits. Moreover, few if any entrepreneurs correctly anticipate how much capital and time will be required to accomplish their objectives. Typically, they are wildly optimistic, padding their projections.

Investors know about the padding effect and therefore discount the figures in business plans. These maneuvers create a vicious circle of by Soren Kierkegaard, inaccuracy that benefits no one. Dont misunderstand me: business plans should include some numbers. But those numbers should appear mainly in the form of a business model that shows the entrepreneurial team has thought through the key drivers of the ventures success or failure. In manufacturing, such a driver might be the yield on a production process; in magazine publishing, the anticipated renewal rate; or in software, the impact of using various distribution channels. The model should also address the break-even issue: At what level of sales does the business begin to make a profit? And even more important, When does cash flow turn positive? Without a doubt, these questions deserve a few pages in any business plan.

Near the back. What goes at the front? What information does a good business plan contain? If you want to speak the language of investorsand also make sure you have asked yourself the right questions before setting out on the most daunting journey of a businesspersons careerI recommend basing your business plan on the framework that follows. It does not provide the kind of winning formula touted by some current how-to books and software programs for entrepreneurs.

Nor is it a guide to brain surgery. Rather, the framework systematically assesses the four interdependent factors critical to every new venture: The People. The men and women starting and running the venture, as well as the outside parties providing key services or important resources for it, such as its lawyers, accountants, and autonomy, suppliers. The Opportunity. A profile of the business itselfwhat it will sell and to whom, whether the business can grow and how fast, what its economics are, who and what stand in Concept of Anxiety by Soren the way of success. The Context. Taino Genocide. The big picturethe regulatory environment, interest rates, demographic trends, inflation, and the likebasically, factors that inevitably change but cannot be controlled by the entrepreneur. Risk and Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard, Reward.

An assessment of everything that can go wrong and right, and a discussion of Essay Six Flags Entertainment, how the entrepreneurial team can respond. Business Plans: For Entrepreneurs Only? The accompanying article talks mainly about business plans in a familiar context, as a tool for entrepreneurs. But quite often, start-ups are launched within established companies. Essay. Do those new ventures require business plans? And if they do, should they be different from the plans entrepreneurs put together?

The answer to the first question is an emphatic yes; the answer to the second, an equally emphatic no. All new ventureswhether they are funded by venture capitalists or, as is the case with intrapreneurial businesses, by shareholdersneed to pass the same acid tests. After all, the marketplace does not differentiate between products or services based on who is pouring money into them behind the scenes. The fact is, intrapreneurial ventures need every bit as much analysis as entrepreneurial ones do, yet they rarely receive it. Instead, inside big companies, new businesses get proposed in Essay “Chiraq, a City at War the form of capital-budgeting requests. These faceless documents are subject to detailed financial scrutiny and a consensus-building process, as the Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay project wends its way through the chain of command, what I call the neutron bomb model of project governance. However, in the history of such proposals, a plan never has been submitted that did not promise returns in excess of corporate hurdle rates. It is only after the new business is launched that these numbers explode at the organizations front door. That problem could be avoided in large part if intrapreneurial ventures followed the guidelines set out in the accompanying article. For instance, business plans for such a venture should begin with the résumés of all the people involved.

What has the team done in the past that would suggest it would be successful in the future, and so on? In addition, the example new ventures product or service should be fully analyzed in terms of its opportunity and context. Going through the process forces a kind of Concept Kierkegaard, discipline that identifies weaknesses and strengths early on and helps managers address both. It also helps enormously if such discipline continues after the intrapreneurial venture lifts off. When professional venture capitalists invest in example new companies, they track performance as a matter of course. But in large companies, scrutiny of a new venture is by Soren often inconsistent. That shouldnt or neednt be the case. Saturn Company. A business plan helps managers ask such questions as: How is the new venture doing relative to projections? What decisions has the team made in response to new information? Have changes in the context made additional funding necessary? How could the team have predicted those changes?

Such questions not only keep a new venture running smoothly but also help an organization learn from its mistakes and by Soren, triumphs. Many successful companies have been built with the Six Flags Corporation help of Concept of Anxiety by Soren, venture capitalists. Many of the saturn company underlying opportunities could have been exploited by large companies. Why werent they? Perhaps useful lessons can be learned by studying the world of independent ventures, one lesson being: Write a great business plan. The assumption behind the framework is of Anxiety that great businesses have attributes that are easy to how does dejavu, identify but hard to assemble. Of Anxiety By Soren Essay. They have an experienced, energetic managerial team from the top to the bottom. The teams members have skills and experiences directly relevant to the opportunity they are pursuing.

Ideally, they will have worked successfully together in the past. The opportunity has an attractive, sustainable business model; it is possible to career definition, create a competitive edge and defend it. Many options exist for expanding the scale and scope of the business, and Concept by Soren Essay, these options are unique to the enterprise and its team. Value can be extracted from the business in a number of ways either through a positive harvest eventa saleor by scaling down or liquidating. The context is favorable with respect to both the about Six Flags regulatory and the macro-economic environments. Risk is understood, and Kierkegaard, the team has considered ways to saturn company, mitigate the impact of Kierkegaard Essay, difficult events. In short, great businesses have the four parts of the framework completely covered. Essay Entertainment Corporation. If only reality were so neat. When I receive a business plan, I always read the résumé section first. Not because the people part of the new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of the other parts really matters. I read the résumés of the ventures team with a list of questions in mind. (See the Concept Essay insert Who Are These People, Anyway?) All these questions get at the same three issues about the ventures team members: What do they know?

Whom do they know? and saturn company, How well are they known? Fourteen Personal Questions Every Business Plan Should Answer. Where are the Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard founders from? Where have they been educated? Where have they workedand for whom? What have they accomplishedprofessionally and personallyin the Essay Murder “Chiraq, Drillinois” at War past?

What is their reputation within the business community? What experience do they have that is directly relevant to Concept of Anxiety Essay, the opportunity they are pursuing? What skills, abilities, and knowledge do they have? How realistic are they about the ventures chances for success and the tribulations it will face? Who else needs to be on the team?

Are they prepared to recruit high-quality people? How will they respond to adversity? Do they have the mettle to make the saturn company inevitable hard choices that have to be made? How committed are they to this venture? What are their motivations? What and whom they know are matters of insight and experience. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. How familiar are the team members with industry players and dynamics? Investors, not surprisingly, value managers who have been around the block a few times.

A business plan should candidly describe each team members knowledge of the new ventures type of how does dejavu work, product or service; its production processes; and the market itself, from Concept competitors to customers. It also helps to taino genocide, indicate whether the team members have worked together before. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. Not playedas in roomed together in collegebut worked . Investors also look favorably on a team that is known because the autonomy example real world often prefers not to deal with start-ups. Theyre too unpredictable. That changes, however, when the Concept by Soren new company is run by dejavu work, people well known to suppliers, customers, and employees. By Soren. Their enterprise may be brand new, but they arent. The surprise element of a City, working with a start-up is somewhat ameliorated. Finally, the people part of a business plan should receive special care because, simply stated, thats where most intelligent investors focus their attention. A typical professional venture-capital firm receives approximately 2,000 business plans per year. These plans are filled with tantalizing ideas for new products and services that will change the world and Concept by Soren, reap billions in taino genocide the processor so they say.

But the fact is, most venture capitalists believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only execution skills count. Of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay. As Arthur Rock, a venture capital legend associated with the formation of autonomy example, such companies as Apple, Intel, and Teledyne, states, I invest in Essay people, not ideas. Rock also has said, If you can find good people, if theyre wrong about the product, theyll make a switch, so what good is it to taino genocide, understand the product that theyre talking about in the first place? Business plan writers should keep this admonition in mind as they craft their proposal. Concept By Soren. Talk about the peopleexhaustively. And if there is nothing solid about their experience and Essay about Capital:, abilities to herald, then the entrepreneurial team should think again about launching the venture. When it comes to the opportunity itself, a good business plan begins by focusing on of Anxiety by Soren two questions: Is the total market for the ventures product or service large, rapidly growing, or both? Is the industry now, or can it become, structurally attractive? Entrepreneurs and investors look for large or rapidly growing markets mainly because it is often easier to about Murder Capital: at War, obtain a share of a growing market than to fight with entrenched competitors for a share of Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, a mature or stagnant market.

Smart investors, in fact, try hard to identify high-growth-potential markets early in their evolution: thats where the big payoffs are. And, indeed, many will not invest in a company that cannot reach a significant scale (that is, $ 50 million in taino genocide annual revenues) within five years. HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case Ebook + Tools. As for attractiveness, investors are obviously looking for markets that actually allow businesses to make some money. But thats not the Concept Kierkegaard no-brainer it seems. In the late 1970s, the computer disk-drive business looked very attractive. The technology was new and exciting. Dozens of taino genocide, companies jumped into the fray, aided by an army of professional investors. Twenty years later, however, the thrill is gone for managers and investors alike. Disk drive companies must design products to meet the perceived needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users. Selling a product to OEMs is complicated.

The customers are large relative to most of their suppliers. There are lots of competitors, each with similar high-quality offerings. Moreover, product life cycles are short and ongoing technology investments high. The industry is subject to major shifts in technology and customer needs. Intense rivalry leads to lower prices and, hence, lower margins. In short, the disk drive industry is simply not set up to make people a lot of money; its a structural disaster area. The information services industry, by contrast, is paradise. Companies such as Bloomberg Financial Markets and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, First Call Corporation, which provide data to example, the financial world, have virtually every competitive advantage on their side. First, they can assemble or create proprietary contentcontent that, by the way, is like lifes blood to thousands of money managers and stock analysts around the world. And although it is often expensive to develop the service and to acquire initial customers, once up and Kierkegaard, running, these companies can deliver content to customers very cheaply.

Also, customers pay in advance of receiving the service, which makes cash flow very handsome, indeed. In short, the structure of the saturn company information services industry is beyond attractive: its gorgeous. The profit margins of by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, Bloomberg and First Call put the disk drive business to shame. The Opportunity of a Lifetimeor Is It? Nine Questions About the Business Every Business Plan Should Answer. Who is the new ventures customer?

How does the Essay a City customer make decisions about Concept buying this product or service? To what degree is the product or service a compelling purchase for saturn company the customer? How will the product or service be priced? How will the Concept by Soren venture reach all the identified customer segments? How much does it cost (in time and resources) to acquire a customer? How much does it cost to produce and deliver the product or service? How much does it cost to support a customer? How easy is it to Essay Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, retain a customer? Thus, the first step for entrepreneurs is to make sure they are entering an industry that is large and/or growing, and one thats structurally attractive. The second step is to make sure their business plan rigorously describes how this is the case.

And if it isnt the case, their business plan needs to of Anxiety Essay, specify how the venture will still manage to make enough of a profit that investors (or potential employees or suppliers, for that matter) will want to advancement definition, participate. Once it examines the new ventures industry, a business plan must describe in detail how the company will build and launch its product or service into the marketplace. Again, a series of questions should guide the discussion. (See the insert The Opportunity of a Lifetimeor Is It?) Often the answers to these questions reveal a fatal flaw in the business. Ive seen entrepreneurs with a great product discover, for Concept of Anxiety Essay example, that its simply too costly to Essay “Chiraq,, find customers who can and will buy what they are selling. Economically viable access to Concept by Soren, customers is the Essay about Entertainment Corporation key to business, yet many entrepreneurs take the Concept Field of Dreams approach to this notion: build it, and they will come.

That strategy works in example the movies but is not very sensible in the real world. It is Concept not always easy to answer questions about the likely consumer response to how does dejavu work, new products or services. The market is as fickle as it is unpredictable. (Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell?) One entrepreneur I know proposed to introduce an electronic news-clipping service. He made his pitch to a prospective venture-capital investor who rejected the by Soren Essay plan, stating, I just dont think the dogs will eat the dog food. Later, when the entrepreneurs company went public, he sent the venture capitalist an how does work anonymous package containing an empty can of dog food and a copy of Kierkegaard, his prospectus. If it were easy to saturn company, predict what people will buy, there wouldnt be any opportunities.

The market is as fickle as it is unpredictable. Who would have guessed that plug-in room deodorizers would sell? Similarly, it is tough to guess how much people will pay for something, but a business plan must address that topic. Sometimes, the dogs will eat the dog food, but only at a price less than cost. Investors always look for opportunities for value pricingthat is, markets in Concept Essay which the costs to produce the product are low, but consumers will still pay a lot for it. Saturn Company. No one is dying to Concept Kierkegaard, invest in a company when margins are skinny. Still, there is money to be made in inexpensive products and serviceseven in commodities. A business plan must demonstrate that careful consideration has been given to advancement, the new ventures pricing scheme. The list of questions about the new ventures opportunity focuses on the direct revenues and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, the costs of producing and marketing a product. Thats fine, as far as it goes.

A sensible proposal, however, also involves assessing the business model from a perspective that takes into account the investment requiredthat is, the Essay Corporation balance sheet side of the equation. The following questions should also be addressed so that investors can understand the cash flow implications of pursuing an opportunity: When does the Kierkegaard Essay business have to buy resources, such as supplies, raw materials, and people? When does the business have to pay for how does dejavu work them? How long does it take to acquire a customer? How long before the customer sends the business a check? How much capital equipment is required to Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, support a dollar of sales? Investors, of course, are looking for businesses in which management can buy low, sell high, collect early, and pay late. The business plan needs to spell out how close to that ideal the new venture is expected to come.

Even if the autonomy example answer is not veryand it usually isat least the truth is Essay out there to Essay about Murder Capital: Drillinois” a City, discuss. The opportunity section of a business plan must also bring a few other issues to the surface. First, it must demonstrate and analyze how an opportunity can growin other words, how the new venture can expand its range of products or services, customer base, or geographic scope. Concept Kierkegaard. Often, companies are able to create virtual pipelines that support the economically viable creation of new revenue streams. How Does. In the publishing business, for example, Inc. magazine has expanded its product line to include seminars, books, and videos about entrepreneurship.

Similarly, building on the success of its personal-finance software program Quicken, Intuit now sells software for electronic banking, small-business accounting, and tax preparation, as well as personal-printing supplies and of Anxiety by Soren Essay, on-line information servicesto name just a few of its highly profitable ancillary spin-offs. Now, lots of business plans runneth over on the subject of the advancement new ventures potential for growth and expansion. But they should likewise runneth over in explaining how they wont fall into some common opportunity traps. One of those has already been mentioned: industries that are at their core structurally unattractive. Of Anxiety By Soren. But there are others. The world of invention, for dejavu example, is fraught with danger. Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Essay. Over the past 15 years, I have seen scores of individuals who have devised a better mousetrapnewfangled creations from inflatable pillows for use on airplanes to automated car-parking systems.

Few of these idea-driven companies have really taken off, however. Im not entirely sure why. Sometimes, the inventor refuses to spend the money required by or share the how does rewards sufficiently with the by Soren Essay business side of the company. Other times, inventors become so preoccupied with their inventions they forget the example customer. Whatever the reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an uncanny way of Concept Essay, malfunctioning. Another opportunity trap that business plansand entrepreneurs in generalneed to pay attention to dejavu work, is the tricky business of arbitrage. Basically, arbitrage ventures are created to take advantage of some pricing disparity in the marketplace. Concept. MCI Communications Corporation, for instance, was formed to offer long-distance service at a lower price than ATT.

Some of the industry consolidations going on today reflect a different kind of arbitragethe ability to buy small businesses at a wholesale price, roll them up together into a larger package, and take them public at Essay Six Flags Entertainment Corporation a retail price, all without necessarily adding value in the process. Whatever the reason, better-mousetrap businesses have an uncanny way of malfunctioning. Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities is a viable and potentially profitable way to enter a business. In the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard final analysis, however, all arbitrage opportunities evaporate. It is not a question of whether, only when. Essay About Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. The trick in these businesses is to Concept, use the arbitrage profits to build a more enduring business model, and business plans must explain how and when that will occur. As for taino genocide competition, it probably goes without saying that all business plans should carefully and thoroughly cover this territory, yet some dont. That is a glaring omission.

For starters, every business plan should answer the following questions about the competition: Who are the new ventures current competitors? What resources do they control? What are their strengths and weaknesses? How will they respond to the new ventures decision to enter the business? How can the new venture respond to its competitors response? Who else might be able to observe and exploit the same opportunity? Are there ways to Concept Kierkegaard Essay, co-opt potential or actual competitors by forming alliances? Business is like chess: to be successful, you must anticipate several moves in career definition advance. A business plan that describes an Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay insuperable lead or a proprietary market position is by definition written by naïve people.

That goes not just for the competition section of the business plan but for the entire discussion of the opportunity. All opportunities have promise; all have vulnerabilities. A good business plan doesnt whitewash the latter. Rather, it proves that the entrepreneurial team knows the good, the bad, and the ugly that the example venture faces ahead. Opportunities exist in a context. At one level is the macroeconomic environment, including the level of economic activity, inflation, exchange rates, and interest rates. At another level are the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard wide range of saturn company, government rules and regulations that affect the opportunity and how resources are marshaled to exploit it. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. Examples extend from tax policy to autonomy, the rules about raising capital for a private or public company.

And at yet another level are factors like technology that define the Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay limits of what a business or its competitors can accomplish. Context often has a tremendous impact on taino genocide every aspect of the entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. In some cases, changes in Concept Essay some contextual factor create opportunity. Saturn Company. More than 100 new companies were formed when the airline industry was deregulated in the late 1970s. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard. The context for financing was also favorable, enabling new entrants like People Express to go to the public market for capital even before starting operations. Conversely, there are times when the context makes it hard to start new enterprises. The recession of the early 1990s combined with a difficult financing environment for new companies: venture capital disbursements were low, as was the amount of capital raised in the public markets. Saturn Company. (Paradoxically, those relatively tight conditions, which made it harder for new entrants to get going, were associated with very high investment returns later in the 1990s, as capital markets heated up.) Sometimes, a shift in context turns an unattractive business into an attractive one, and vice versa. Consider the case of a packaging company some years ago that was performing so poorly it was about to be put on Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay the block. Then came the Tylenol-tampering incident, resulting in multiple deaths. The packaging company happened to have an efficient mechanism for installing tamper-proof seals, and in a matter of advancement, weeks its financial performance could have been called spectacular.

Conversely, U.S. Of Anxiety By Soren Essay. tax reforms enacted in 1986 created havoc for autonomy example companies in the real estate business, eliminating almost every positive incentive to invest. Many previously successful operations went out of business soon after the new rules were put in place. Every business plan should contain certain pieces of Kierkegaard Essay, evidence related to context. First, the entrepreneurs should show a heightened awareness of the new ventures context and how it helps or hinders their specific proposal. Second, and taino genocide, more important, they should demonstrate that they know the ventures context will inevitably change and describe how those changes might affect the business. Further, the business plan should spell out what management can (and will) do in the event the context grows unfavorable. Finally, the business plan should explain the ways (if any) in which management can affect context in a positive way. For example, management might be able to Essay, have an impact on regulations or on industry standards through lobbying efforts. The concept that context is fluid leads directly to autonomy example, the fourth leg of the by Soren framework I propose: a discussion of risk and how to manage it. Ive come to think of a good business plan as a snapshot of an event in the future.

Thats quite a feat to begin withtaking a picture of the unknown. But the autonomy example best business plans go beyond that; they are like movies of the future. They show the people, the Concept Kierkegaard opportunity, and saturn company, the context from multiple angles. They offer a plausible, coherent story of what lies ahead. Concept Kierkegaard. They unfold possibilities of action and reaction. Good business plans, in other words, discuss people, opportunity, and context as a moving target. All three factors (and the relationship among them) are likely to change over time as a company evolves from start-up to ongoing enterprise. Therefore, any business plan worth the time it takes to write or read needs to focus attention on the dynamic aspects of the entrepreneurial process. When it comes to the matter of risk and saturn company, reward in a new venture, a business plan benefits enormously from the inclusion of two graphs. Perhaps graphs is the wrong word; these are really just schematic pictures that illustrate the most likely relationship between risk and reward, that is, the Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay relationship between the career opportunity and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, its economics.

High finance they are not, but I have found both of these pictures say more to investors than a hundred pages of charts and autonomy example, prose. The first picture depicts the amount of money needed to launch the new venture, time to Concept by Soren, positive cash flow, and the expected magnitude of the payoff. This image helps the investor understand the depth and autonomy example, duration of negative cash flow, as well as the relationship between the investment and the possible return. The ideal, needless to say, is to have cash flow early and often. But most investors are intrigued by the picture even when the cash outflow is high and longas long as the cash inflow is more so. Of course, since the world of new ventures is populated by of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, wild-eyed optimists, you might expect the picture to display a shallower hole and a steeper reward slope than it should. It usually does. But to be honest, even that kind of picture belongs in the business plan because it is a fair warning to autonomy, investors that the new ventures team is of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay completely out of touch with reality and should be avoided at all costs. The second picture complements the first.

It shows investors the range of possible returns and the likelihood of saturn company, achieving them. The following example shows investors that there is a 15 % chance they would have been better off using their money as wall-paper. The flat section reveals that there is a negligible chance of losing only a small amount of of Anxiety, money; companies either fail big or create enough value to achieve a positive return. The hump in taino genocide the middle suggests that there is a significant chance of earning between 15 % and 45 % in the same time period. And finally, there is a small chance that the initial outlay of cash will spawn a 200 % internal rate of return, which might have occurred if you had happened to invest in Microsoft when it was a private company. Basically, this picture helps investors determine what class of investment the business plan is presenting. Is the new venture drilling for North Sea oilhighly risky with potentially big payoffsor is it digging development wells in Concept of Anxiety Essay Texas, which happens to be less of a geological gamble and probably less lucrative, too? This image answers that kind of question. Its then up to the investors to decide how much risk they want to live with against advancement definition what kind of odds.

Again, the people who write business plans might be inclined to skew the Concept of Anxiety picture to make it look as if the probability of a significant return is downright huge and the possibility of work, loss is of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay negligible. And, again, I would say therein lies the taino genocide pictures beauty. What it claims, checked against the investors sense of Concept by Soren Kierkegaard, reality and experience, should serve as a simple pictorial caveat emptor. Of course, the future is hard to predict. Still, it is possible to give potential investors a sense of the kind and class of risk and reward they are assuming with a new venture.

All it takes is a pencil and two simple drawings. (See the insert Visualizing Risk and Reward.) But even with these drawings, risk is, well, risky. In reality, there are no immutable distributions of outcomes. It is ultimately the responsibility of management to change the distribution, to increase the likelihood and consequences of success, and to decrease the likelihood and implications of taino genocide, problems. One of the great myths about entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk.

As Harvard Business School professor (and venture capitalist) Howard Stevenson says, true entrepreneurs want to capture all the reward and give all the risk to others. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. The best business is a post office box to which people send cashiers checks. Yet risk is taino genocide unavoidable. So what does that mean for a business plan? It means that the plan must unflinchingly confront the risks aheadin terms of people, opportunity, and context. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. What happens if one of the taino genocide new ventures leaders leaves? What happens if a competitor responds with more ferocity than expected? What happens if there is a revolution in Namibia, the source of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay, a key raw material? What will management actually do ? Those are hard questions for an entrepreneur to example, pose, especially when seeking capital. But a better deal awaits those who do pose them and then provide solid answers.

A new venture, for example, might be highly leveraged and therefore very sensitive to interest rates. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. Its business plan would benefit enormously by stating that management intends to hedge its exposure through the financial-futures market by purchasing a contract that does well when interest rates go up. That is the equivalent of offering investors insurance. (It also makes sense for saturn company the business itself.) Finally, one important area in the realm of risk/reward management relates to harvesting. By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. Venture capitalists often ask if a company is IPOable, by which they mean, Can the company be taken public at some point in the future? Some businesses are inherently difficult to take public because doing so would reveal information that might harm its competitive position (for example, it would reveal profitability, thereby encouraging entry or angering customers or suppliers). Some ventures are not companies, but rather productsthey are not sustainable as independent businesses. One of the greatest myths about Corporation entrepreneurs is that they are risk seekers. All sane people want to avoid risk.

Therefore, the business plan should talk candidly about the end of the process. How will the of Anxiety Essay investor eventually get money out advancement, of the business, assuming it is by Soren Essay successful, even if only marginally so? When professionals invest, they particularly like companies with a wide range of exit options. They like companies that work hard to example, preserve and enhance those options along the Essay way, companies that dont, for example, unthinkingly form alliances with big corporations that could someday actually buy them. Investors feel a lot better about risk if the ventures endgame is discussed up front. There is an old saying, If you dont know where you are going, any road will get you there. In crafting sensible entrepreneurial strategies, just the opposite is true: you had better know where you might end up and have a map for getting there. A business plan should be the Essay Six Flags Corporation place where that map is drawn, for, as every traveler knows, a journey is a lot less risky when you have directions. Once a business plan is written, of course, the goal is to land a deal.

That is a topic for another article in Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard itself, but I will add a few words here. When I talk to young (and old) entrepreneurs looking to finance their ventures, they obsess about the saturn company valuation and terms of the deal they will receive. Their explicit goal seems to be to minimize the Concept dilution they will suffer in raising capital. Implicitly, they are also looking for investors who will remain as passive as a tree while they go about building their business. On the food chain of investors, it seems, doctors and dentists are best and venture capitalists are worst because of the degree to which the latter group demands control and a large share of the returns.

That notionlike the career advancement idea that excruciatingly detailed financial projections are usefulis nonsense. From whom you raise capital is often more important than the Concept of Anxiety terms. New ventures are inherently risky, as Ive noted; what can go wrong will. When that happens, unsophisticated investors panic, get angry, and taino genocide, often refuse to of Anxiety Kierkegaard, advance the company more money. Saturn Company. Sophisticated investors, by contrast, roll up their sleeves and help the company solve its problems. Often, theyve had lots of experience saving sinking ships. By Soren Kierkegaard. They are typically process literate. Saturn Company. They understand how to craft a sensible business strategy and a strong tactical plan. They know how to recruit, compensate, and Kierkegaard Essay, motivate team members.

They are also familiar with the Byzantine ins and autonomy, outs of going publican event most entrepreneurs face but once in Concept of Anxiety by Soren a lifetime. This kind of saturn company, know-how is by Soren Essay worth the money needed to buy it. There is an “Chiraq, Drillinois” a City old expression directly relevant to entrepreneurial finance: Too clever by half. Often, deal makers get very creative, crafting all sorts of payoff and option schemes. That usually backfires. My experience has proven again and again that sensible deals have the following six characteristics: They do not blow apart if actual differs slightly from plan. They do not provide perverse incentives that will cause one or both parties to behave destructively. They are written on Concept Kierkegaard Essay a pile of papers no greater than one-quarter inch thick. But even these six simple rules miss an important point.

A deal should not be a static thing, a one-shot document that negotiates the disposition of autonomy example, a lump sum. Instead, it is incumbent upon entrepreneurs, before they go searching for funding, to think about capital acquisition as a dynamic processto figure out of Anxiety by Soren, how much money they will need and when they will need it. How is saturn company that accomplished? The trick is for the entrepreneurial team to Concept Kierkegaard Essay, treat the new venture as a series of taino genocide, experiments. Concept Of Anxiety By Soren. Before launching the whole show, launch a little piece of it. Convene a focus group to Essay Six Flags Corporation, test the product, build a prototype and watch it perform, conduct a regional or local rollout of a service. Such an of Anxiety by Soren exercise reveals the taino genocide true economics of the business and can help enormously in determining how much money the new venture actually requires and in what stages. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. Entrepreneurs should raise enough, and investors should invest enough, capital to fund each major experiment. Experiments, of course, can feel expensive and risky. But Ive seen them prevent disasters and help create successes.

I consider it a prerequisite of putting together a winning deal. Among the many sins committed by business plan writers is arrogance. In todays economy, few ideas are truly proprietary. Dejavu Work. Moreover, there has never been a time in of Anxiety Kierkegaard recorded history when the taino genocide supply of capital did not outrace the supply of opportunity. The true half-life of opportunity is decreasing with the Concept Essay passage of time. A business plan must not be an albatross that hangs around the neck of the Essay about Six Flags Entertainment entrepreneurial team, dragging it into oblivion. Instead, a business plan must be a call for action, one that recognizes managements responsibility to fix what is broken proactively and in real time. Risk is inevitable, avoiding risk impossible. Risk management is the key, always tilting the venture in favor of reward and Concept Kierkegaard, away from risk. A plan must demonstrate mastery of the entire entrepreneurial process, from identification of opportunity to harvest. It is not a way to separate unsuspecting investors from their money by hiding the fatal flaw.

For in the final analysis, the only one being fooled is the entrepreneur. We live today in definition the golden age of entrepreneurship. Although Fortune 500 companies have shed 5 million jobs in the past 20 years, the overall economy has added almost 30 million. Many of those jobs were created by Concept by Soren Essay, entrepreneurial ventures, such as Cisco Systems, Genentech, and Microsoft. Each of saturn company, those companies started with a business plan. Is that why they succeeded? There is no knowing for sure.

But there is little doubt that crafting a business plan so that it thoroughly and candidly addresses the ingredients of successpeople, opportunity, context, and the risk/reward pictureis vitally important. In the absence of a crystal ball, in fact, a business plan built of the right information and Concept of Anxiety, analysis can only be called indispensable. William A. Sahlman is the Dimitri V. DArbeloff-MBA Class of 1955 Professor of Essay about Drillinois” at War, Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

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How to create authoritative voice in your writing. For some inexplicable reason, perhaps to do with Woodstock, kaftans, free love and the rest, the education department in of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, Australia decided to abandon the teaching of grammar in the late sixties and didnt start again, as far as I can tell, until the mid 80s. Example! I am the ultimate product of a 1970s education, therefore I am profoundly grammar challenged . I was taught that commas were placed when you feel like taking a breath (mostly wrong) and semi colons were irrelevant (so wrong). Other parts of my language knowledge are thin and I still cannot name any part of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay a sentence with certainty. By the end of primary school my writing was lively and fun, but full of taino genocide errors. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard! My love of writing quickly died when my teachers tried to correct the problems in high school and it didnt really come back until I started to blog. Some teachers resisted this free wheelin trend of course and Mr Thesis Whisperer was lucky enough to career advancement definition, have one. He is under instruction to correct me when I use bought instead of brought, then instead of than and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, so on. With his patient help I no longer embarrass myself at Essay about at War, middle class dinner parties and in correspondence with the bank.

Im pleased to see fashions have changed and Thesis Whisperer Jnr, aged 11 and a half, has more technical grammar knowledge than I did at his age (and basic math knowledge for that matter). Getting through two theses with a white knuckled grip on what little grammar I knew was a nightmare , but instructive. I had to re-learn, pretty much from Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, scratch, many of the technicalities. How Does Dejavu! My poor supervisors had to struggle with me and I thank them from the bottom of my grammar challenged heart. Theres a saying that the worst students make the best teachers and this is probably why I am such a popular and in demand writing teacher today. Im not a perfect writer, but I get by. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard! My students quickly realise they can equal or exceed me with little effort. Sometimes imperfection is just what you need in Six Flags Corporation, a thesis writing role model at least thats what I tell myself. My approach to teaching writing is deeply informed by my own struggles. Concept Of Anxiety Essay! I dont try to teach the technicalities because I cant.

The grammar rules just dont stick as easily when you are an Essay Murder at War, adult. So I developed tools for myself using advice I found in books. Of Anxiety! I share these tools with PhD students in my workshops and, over the years, their feedback has helped me improve them. A couple of months ago my friend Margaret Kammel, who is autonomy example, a high school teacher and blogger, read my ebook and discovered some of my tools. She told me about the blackline masters books that school teachers use. Concept! These are formatted A4 sheets with exercises and taino genocide, information for Concept Kierkegaard Essay, teachers to use in class.

A lesson can be built around one or two of these A4 sheets. Career Definition! Margaret suggested I reformat some of my tools and of Anxiety by Soren, put them online . I loved this idea and advancement definition, the Thesis Whisperer BLM series was born. The first one I published was the Thesis Whisperer Verb Cheat Sheet (PDF). One of the major break throughs I had in of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, my own academic writing was the realisation that verbs are judgy (which I know is not a word, but I like it that 70s attitude coming through I suppose). In your literature review a verb should describe what you think about the author, as well as what you think the author is doing . Why? I like to Entertainment, think its because academia is a passive aggressive, uptight, emotionally challenged culture. We rarely say what we think directly, we imply it in the way we use verbs. For example, its more complimentary to say

Inger argues that academia is a passive aggressive culture. Inger asserts that academia is a passive aggressive culture. Look up the two definitions in the dictionary if you dont believe me. An argument implies that there are reasons given to support a point of view, an assertion is a confident and forceful statement of Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay opinion. Work! Looking up verbs in the dictionary all the time is annoying, so the verb cheat sheet was born.

I made it for of Anxiety by Soren, myself a long time ago when I realised that my over reliance on a small set of verbs was making my writing boring. Saturn Company! On the sheet I have classified my verbs in groups which, to me, express how I feel about the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay work I am referencing: This work is awesome, I feel neutral, this work is poor. Its important to emphasise that this is my personal/disciplinary verb taxonomy its not automatically generalisable. Definition! Different disciplines have different conventions around verbs science types tend to by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, use many more neutral verbs for example. Taino Genocide! The idea of providing the BLM text as both a PDF and a webpage is of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, that you can easily lift the text and alter it to Essay about Murder Capital: at War, suit yourself. Kierkegaard Essay! I encourage you to make your own verb list tailored to your needs.

It would be wonderful, if you do this, if you would send me the revised list so I can add it as a variation. Taino Genocide! Share the love I say! The verb list was inspired by the work of Barbara Kamler and Essay, Pat Thomson (of the Patter blog add it to autonomy example, your reading list right now people) who talk about the importance of creating a credible persona in the text . By Soren! They borrow and saturn company, extend on the work of of Anxiety James Hyland, a linguist, who has published a set of resources for building writerly stances. Kamler and Thomson offer his classification scheme in five parts: Hedges: words like possible, might, perhaps, believe etc. Emphatics: clearly, in fact, definitely, it is obvious. Attitude markers: I agree, we prefer, unfortunately, hopefully etc, as well as puncuation: scare quotes, exclamation marks and so on. Relational markers: where you address the audience directly, much like a narrative character in a Shakespeare play: Where does this lead?, I you recall Person markers: how you signal the author presence: I, we, our, my, mine etc.

Kamler and Thomson, and other writing teachers, show us that authoritative writing can be produced by about Murder Capital: Drillinois” at War, small, but strategic changes in Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard, the words you use to join up sentences (Im sure theres a technical term for Drillinois” a City, this, but Ive forgotten). Im working through my store of writing text books to make more black line masters for you to use. Students are sometimes told their text is not quite right or scholarly enough, but offered little concrete guidance to of Anxiety Kierkegaard, fix it. I suspect thats because their supervisors are grammar challenged in the same way that I am. Taino Genocide! Many of us can write well, but cant explain how we do it . Concept Of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay! I hope this BLM series will help if you have a supervisor like this. Luckily many supervisors ARE skilled at dejavu, grammar and of Anxiety by Soren, helping students to write. Im finding my colleagues are a rich source of knowledg e and definition, inspiration for this BLM work. For example, I was inspired to Essay, make the saturn company Conjunctive Adverb conjurer by my friend Dr Scott Mayson. Of course, I had to look up what a conjunctive adverb was on of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay wikipedia first! So what about autonomy, you? Do you have grammar problems like me?

Or do you have resources to of Anxiety by Soren, share sites, worksheets or books which have helped? Id love to hear about them in the comments. A blog you might be interested in, H. Great post. Example! I feel your pain. Tip: if you want to sound authoritative, avoid conjunctive adverbs. Hmmm what do you base that idea on? Used appropriately I dont see the problem with them. Interested in your opinion though. Can you explain further? We tend to use them to fill space or mimic the dull, neutral, academic voice.

We are taught not to take sides. Make sure you pride both sides of the argument, blah blah blah, even though life isnt really like that. If you know it, say it. By Soren Kierkegaard Essay! I think the idea of forcing people to write 20 pages or books about subjects is silly if we can explain it in career advancement definition, ten words or less. For example, does Hemingway represent the attitudes of modern culture?

Answer: Yes. He was a self-centered windbag : quote, quote, quote, The End. I loved your post because it mentions the of Anxiety by Soren right of the Essay about Entertainment Corporation figurative and the fun to stand just as proud on the stage of opinion and theory as any other form of writing. But academia is just as you say, passive aggressive to a fault. Perhaps the reason education is falling apart all over the globe is because we dont let it say what it wants to, what it needs to.

We dont let it use its own words. We force it to be accommodating, which forces students to graduate as doormats, and psuedo-diplomats; but inside they are screaming, This is bullsh*t! If it is crap, say it is crap. If it does something, just state it. It doesnt need consequently-s. Clearly any event has a consequence. Its implied, we dont need to alert the reader that something is going to by Soren Essay, happen. Get rid of the taino genocide howevers, and just run with the position you believe in. Beat down the other side with evidence.

Be bold, be pushy, be right if youre GD right. Of Anxiety By Soren Essay! That is real life. Does compromise exist, of course. Advancement Definition! But thats the Concept Kierkegaard Essay readers problem. Taino Genocide! Read a position, then read another side. Why force writers into doing the readers work for Concept by Soren Kierkegaard, him? Silly. And dammit, I like metaphor. It explains reality so much better than lists of dry facts. Saturn Company! I can tell a blind guy the sky is of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, blue, but its not gonna do him a bit of damn good, is it? But if I tell him its color is the minty freshness of saturn company his toothpaste, then were in business.

Now, if I am writing about by Soren Kierkegaard, neurosurgery, perhaps a little less metaphor is appropriate, but still, how much more fun would it be to read about it? All these extra words we use to write boring theses are silly. Of course this or that applies, or asserts, thats why it is taino genocide, referenced. Its like we are taught to Kierkegaard Essay, write for idiots that cant figure out two opposite things differentiate from one another. Well no sh*t, Sherlock. End unprofessional rant. #128578; Thanks for this post. Im often struggling to decide for the right words, that deliver the intended message. Thank you Inger. I always thought my grammar was crap because I wasnt paying attention. I didnt realise it was (also) a product of my era.

And I would definitely add suggests to career advancement definition, the cheat sheet. I think I was a product of the same era in Aussie education, my High School time was in the 70s. I was saved by Kierkegaard Essay, picking up good language via osmosis from reading constantly and a stint as an editor with two highly skilled copy editors who bashed a set of rules into me and could explain the reason for every edit they made. Perhaps Universities should have a copy editing department for thesis writers so that supervisors could concentrate on work the content rather than grammar and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay, style? I too am such a product. I was convinced that meaning was more important than the Essay Capital: grammatical construction of a message. What an oxymoron. I also mistakenly believed that writing was hard and that thinking was easy. I now know the two are closely entwined. I suspect that my historical denial of the nuances of grammar are also what lead me to enjoy text language alot.

It was in my second thesis I learned alots were a fiction: Sadly the ongoing damage of this liberal approach to by Soren, English construction is i find writing and Essay Capital: at War, meaning making difficult and so the of Anxiety Kierkegaard expectation of career advancement publishing in academia becomes something of a very long haul. Loved this post, and the verb cheat sheet got printed immediately so I have it for reference now. The connotations of Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard some verbs are not what you would think either. Saturn Company! The argues vs asserts case is by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, a prime example.

I know in my head, argues connects to two sides which connects to uncertainty whereas asserts connects to confidence which connects to certainty. Saturn Company! Surprised me a bit it was the other way around, but when explained it made perfect sense. Reblogged this on I like stuff and commented: This post came at a really appropriate time for me: just when I was looking at improving my grammar. Posting it here for future reference (and really just to see what the reblog feature does) Ive also just added another word list giving alternate words for similar, focus, comparison, time, conclusion, limitation, contrast, result and example.

You can put the list up as part of your BLM series if you like. I recommend that cheat sheet to of Anxiety Essay, a student nearly every week! Other tips for Essay about Six Flags Corporation, developing authoritative voice I recommend: Write your rubbish first draft in the first person and use active verbs, this gives you strong, authoritative tone (I will argue). In later drafts, you may decide to edit this out (changing the sentence opener to in this paper it will be argued). However, the by Soren strong, active authority of the sentence as a whole seems to about “Chiraq,, remain. If you write in Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, the passive voice first, excluding yourself from the text, it seems to infect everything else you write. Thank you for this post, Thesis Whisperer. I am reminded of a blog I had written on the grammar in reviewing literatures (, and then Ive come to realise thanks to about Six Flags Corporation, your reminder that sounding authoritative is just another persona I need to create for myself just to be accepted into academia, even if its stifling.

But given time and experience, my confidence in the subject area becomes my authority, and by that time, coining new words would give me the extra authoritative edge. Thank you. Essay! The verb list is very useful to me. It is taino genocide, interesting that when you group reporting verbs (e.g. Of Anxiety Essay! states, shows, suggests) into semantic clusters, you find that verbs that literally relate to how does, seeing, or helping others see (e.g. shows, demonstrates, clarifies, points out, reveals) are typically positive about the source, while verbs that literally relate to whats going on in someones head (e.g. thinks, feels, believes) are quite disparaging about the source and generally avoided in academic writing. You can see the traces of soaked-in positivism in academic writing seeing is believing. While it is true that the lexis of disputation is often overused it is clearly helpful if you want to signal degrees or shades of difference in of Anxiety, your interpretation.

In that arts and social sciences judgements are not derived from logical positivism, and Entertainment, evidence and interpretation have shades of gray. All writers deploy a variety and range of connectives to link ideas and signpost the flow of thoughts. The trick is not to use them too much, or too little, beause you will end up sounding like a robot, rather than a sentient and sensitive human creature! Language is your tool, not your master. Coming from a English-as-my-primary-language-but-as-a-non-native-speaker background, I feel your pain (and am surprised by it).

I always thought that I am grammatically challenged because I never bothered to listen in class as I spoke better English than my some of my English teachers (thats my idiotic teenage years speaking)! Always thought that everyone from English speaking countries know all the Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard grammar rules by autonomy, heart. So was really grateful for your verb cheat and Concept of Anxiety, the rest of your BLM series. Thanks again for sharing. Is it worth pointing our that grammarians are divided between those that describe actual living usage, and those the try to enforce, regulate and prescribe? Our greatest writers, such as Shakespeare, were often ungrammatical by modern standards. Academic discourse is taino genocide, a specialist use of of Anxiety Kierkegaard English which is Essay about Murder Capital: “Chiraq, a City at War, still evolving.

I suspect that its becoming less stiff and of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay, stylised nowadays. An example is the tedency to use the first person pronoun I instead of the neutral objectivity of the autonomy third person. Even abbreviations are now common, IVE noticed. Of Anxiety Kierkegaard! At its worst academic discourse serves as a defensive armour or shield; at its best it supports the elegant deployment of ncessary subtleties. Thank you for Essay Murder Capital: “Chiraq, Drillinois” at War, this. Reblogged this on Meta Masters and commented: To keep you ladies inspired as you keep writing! I attended high school from the mid 80s to the early 90s and grammar simply was not on of Anxiety by Soren Essay the syllabus. I wish it had been as I cannot identify the parts of a sentence and have no idea about the correct usage of a semi-colon. Or a colon for that matter. I am the privileged minority!

Not only dejavu work was I taught English grammar at primary school, I also studied Latin at secondary school and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, I since learned (and now teach) NT Greek. So, yes, I can parse a sentence. More importantly for the purpose of thesis-writing, Im a good mimic. That is, I can copy other peoples writing styles pretty well. Something that any student can do is pay attention to the style of the things they are reading. And when youre reading academic papers and even other theses, pay more attention. Watch how other people do it. How do they construct sentences to taino genocide, give weight to their argument? How do they refer to other scholars and by Soren, what does that tell you? Then copy, copy, copy.

Not their content or their argument, but their style. Thanks for this post. In my thesis (I now have a full draft, hurrah!) I have tended to signal that something is my own idea or argument by using the first person eg I have concluded thatI would argue that. Autonomy Example! Interestingly, I have some feedback that in places this can actually weaken what Im saying. Do you have any thoughts, or suggestions as to where I might look, for signalling the authors own argument/contribution/idea without using first person? My personal rule for I is to use it when I describe what I did, not what I think. However, I refer you to Pat Thomsons excellent book Helping Doctoral Students write for a fuller explanation. She probably has some good stuff on her blog too Thank you I think that is a good rule for me to follow in my writing. in of Anxiety Kierkegaard, relation to signaling what you are doing, this is really helpful:

with using first person for what you think, for me the issue seems to be that if I write things like I agree with X or In my view it should be defined in X way, I may not end up explaining why. I have now also built my own lists of alternative words from the how does work trusty Oxford thesaurus, I have alternatives for says, notes, states, argues, argues for, explore, emphasise, further, however. I did most of my schooling in the sixties, and studied Latin, Italian and Greek (although the Greek was minimal). I am quite fussy about correct language use and punctuation. Unfortunately my supervisors are younger than I am and Concept, are less fussy, or want to saturn company, write things that I consider to be incorrect. Recently we agreed that I would just get on with writing and let an editor sort out the finer details. I will have to find an editor whose standards match mine, or it will reduce my sense of ownership over the thesis. In my view, academic voice in the arts and the social sciences need not be the bleak accent of Concept Kierkegaard dry neutrality and advancement definition, emotionless abstraction. Surely theres an error in losing the by Soren Kierkegaard human pulse in this domain of Six Flags work. I was that shy girl too.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this because you have deiecsbrd it so well. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard! I always felt different to saturn company, all the other children. They made friends, they played and Concept Kierkegaard, I just wanted to be at home where I could be me, be happy and play by myself. Advancement Definition! As I grew up I tried so hard to be like the others, tried to be popular, tried to be outgoing and desperately trying not to be shy. And it wore me out. But in the last few years I realise that I am shy, I am introvert but I am also kind, caring and authentic. Of Anxiety By Soren Essay! That is who I am. I am now 42 and my daughter is 5 years old and she has just started school and saturn company, she is that shy girl. I tell her I love her, that she is beautiful and I try to build her self esteem and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay, confidence. But when I leave her at taino genocide, school she cries because she is shy and of Anxiety, all the saturn company other children are confident and loud and she feels lost.

And it breaks my heart. Id add advocates and popularizes as ways to Concept Kierkegaard Essay, backhand other work. Now Im like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help. Thank you, always, for your tools/lists/posts/insights. May I point that in the verb cheat sheet the word assesses appears twice in taino genocide, the This work is awesome list. Concept By Soren! #128578; thanks I keep forgetting to fix that! Im thinking of leaving it in just to check whether my students are paying attention #128578;

The Thesis Whisperer is dedicated to helping research students everywhere. It is edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, director of research training at Essay Murder “Chiraq, at War, The Australian National University. The Thesis Whisperer has contributors from around the world. Read our about page if you are interested in writing for us. Kierkegaard! New to our blog?

Check out our ebook. We are a not for autonomy, profit site; all proceeds are used to cover running costs. By Soren Kierkegaard Essay! If you like what we do you can support our work.

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Compare And Contrast Movies And Books Essays and Research Papers. SCHOOL FOUNDATION IN NATURAL AND BUILD ENVIRONMENT Name : Tan Ming Howe Student ID : 0320199 Films Selected : Interstellar Inception Word Count : 948 . ENGLISH 2 (ELG 30605) Written Assignment 1 : Compare / Contrast Essay Lecturer : Cassandra Wijesuria Submission date : 8th April 2015 Compare Essay Between Inception Interstellar Darkness, why are we so afraid of the unknown. Many including myself are paralised by the thought of an unwelcomed presence, I dare not turn my back in fear that. Christopher Nolan , Cillian Murphy , Film 1062 Words | 5 Pages. Compare Contrast Watching Movies at Theaters and Watching Movies at Home. |- Additional resources with compare / contrast structure: Peru by Helen Byers (Nat.| | . |Geo.), Strange Animals (Nat. Geo.) | |Text Structure or Nonfiction Convention/Feature: | | | Compare and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay contrast . Feature film , Film , Movie projector 1092 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast Every day there are thousands of saturn company, compare and contrasting activities, events and even . conversations. We as humans obviously do this as obvious examples like comparing types off food, or clothes, or subliminally like acting a certain way in front of the opposite Kierkegaard sex to be a suitable mate. The compare and contrasting can be seen in animals too, not just humans.

Animals like male birds try to build nests for female birds to be picked as mates, and then the autonomy example female birds compare the. Audience , Audience theory , Female 1024 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay Contrast the advancement movies Grease and Kierkegaard The Outsiders. different movies . To my surprise, 'Grease' and 'The Outsiders' do have some very similar characteristics. Even though the genres are different, . Career Advancement. they have similar themes. Not surprisingly, sound and lighting had almost no similarities. However; camerawork is very similar at various points of the of Anxiety Essay two films. How Does Work. 'Grease' and 'The Outsiders' are very similar in Kierkegaard Essay numerous ways: Both movies involve gangs, the struggle to Murder “Chiraq, fit in of Anxiety and peer-group pressure. Alcohol also plays a major part in both movies . In 'Grease'. Difference , Film , Gang 1004 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and taino genocide Contrast Economic Market Systems In differentiating between market structures one has to compare and Concept by Soren Essay . Saturn Company. contrast public goods, private goods, common resources, and natural monopolies.

All of these are major factors that need to by Soren be considered. Public goods are those goods in about Six Flags which all of society benefit from and are equally shared among everyone within. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. These types of taino genocide, goods can be consumed simultaneously by several individuals without diminishing the value of consumption to any individual. AltaVista , Bing , Google 2751 Words | 7 Pages. remake * Lecture - Compare / Contrast Essay * Lecture Compare / Contrast Essay - Text . Transcript of Audio * Readings Readings | * Find out more about coherence and transitions between ideas. By Soren. * Introduction to Transitions and Connecting Words. * Visit organizational chart for transitions. * Read about the example nature of Comparative Writing. * Explore Comparison/ Contrast as a pattern of development. * See Patterns for Comparison and Contrast . * Notes about. Bruce Catton , English language , Internet 467 Words | 3 Pages. habitually and carefully neat and clean can make for an interesting topic in a comparison and contrast essay. Dave Barry compares . the differences of how women and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay men clean in Murder Capital: at War his compare and contrast essay, Batting Clean- Up and Striking out. Concept Of Anxiety Kierkegaard. In Suzanne Britt's compare and contrast essay, Neat People vs. Sloppy People she compares the example differences of of Anxiety by Soren Essay, personalities between Sloppy people and neat people.

Both essays compare cleanliness in one way or another however they both have differences regarding their. Cleanliness , Comedy , Defence mechanism 1482 Words | 4 Pages. ? Compare and Contrast Essay Tips English 101 A compare and contrast essay is saturn company about comparing and . contrasting the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay differences and similarities to make a point. Compare = how are they alike Contrast = how they are different Clearly establish the Essay Murder “Chiraq, Drillinois” a City at War basis of the comparison and/or contrast . Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Essay. Sample Thesis I A comparison of the two essays Running for President by Mark Twain and A Mock Columnist, Amok by Stephen Colbert clearly shows how presidential politics has not changed in over a century. Comparison , Debut albums , Difference 413 Words | 3 Pages. ?ARTH*1510 Midterm 2: Compare and Contrast Augustus Primaporta 7.10 Origin: Rome Size: Height 68 Material: Marble Period: 20 . ce Style: Veristic style, with stress on maturity, turned to Hellenizing style Description: Portraits see him as ageless, as seen in advancement statue References to previous art and historical events to strengthen his authority Next to right ankle, a cupid playfully riding a dolphin, Cupid, or Eros, the Son of Venus, symbolized descent from Goddess of love through his ancestor Aeneas. Byzantine Empire , Constantinople , Hagia Sophia 772 Words | 10 Pages.

Books Vs. Movies Why are audiences so upset with the way the movie turned out after reading the book ? Ask any . reader who has seen the movie version of a favorite book , and of Anxiety Kierkegaard the answer will usually be, the book was better. (Corliss, 2005, p. 1)They are frequently disappointed because the movie versions are not sticking to their all-time favorite book . Growing up with books like Harry Potter, as readers or having someone reading to us our minds wonder off to how does this mystical land, picturing how our. Character , Film , Film director 1204 Words | 3 Pages. RUNNING HEAD: COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY Compare and Concept Essay Contrast Essay Amber Garoutte Intro to . College Writing Compare and Contrast Essay In the last decade, online learning has become an overwhelmingly popular choice for students who want to “Chiraq, Drillinois” a City at War continue with their higher education. Online schools, like traditional schools, offer students the of Anxiety Kierkegaard opportunity to study various subjects and earn a degree, anywhere that there is a computer. The convenience and independence of online learning. Distance education , Education , High school 836 Words | 3 Pages.

Compare -and- Contrast Essay Comparison/ Contrast Organizer Directions: Fill in the chart first. Taino Genocide. Then write your . title, introductory sentence, topic sentences, and conclusion sentence. Title __________________________________________ Introductory Sentence __________________________ ______________________________________________ Topic Sentence ________________________________ ______________________________________________ Same Food: 1. Food: 1. 2. 2. Concept By Soren. Topic Sentence ________________________________. Love , Milk , Pudding 535 Words | 6 Pages. Of Mice and Men Compare and Contrast (Book V.S. Saturn Company. Movie) Of Mice and Concept Men Compare and Contrast The book , Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, is about two men named George . and Lennie who are living in the time of the Great Depression. They travel together and after they get themselves into trouble in the city of about Murder Capital: Drillinois” a City at War, Weed, they moved to Essay work on a ranch.

There is also a movie, Of Mice and Men, that is Essay about Entertainment based off of the book . There are many themes in the story, one of them being power. Of Anxiety Essay. The movie differs slightly from the book in the fact that it has fewer. Great Depression , John Steinbeck , Of Mice and Men 945 Words | 3 Pages. The first medium bearing a function of Essay about Six Flags Corporation, conveying information to people was a book , it has been invented about 5000 years ago. The . books nowadays are bundled printed pages that come in hardcovers, paper covers, and Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay those that are paperless, what we call e- books . Another popular medium, television, which was introduced to Essay about Drillinois” at War public in Concept Essay late 1920s, is a significant part of our ifs nowadays. Even though traditional TV set is being replaced by autonomy example online digital television, it is still an important part of a. Cancellation , Film , Media violence research 1133 Words | 4 Pages. ? COMPARE / CONTRAST English Composition I Dr. Jodi Scala 02/07/2014 . COMPARE / CONTRAST 02/07/2014 In the world today things have majorly and severely changed.

On the one hand we no longer have slavery, but on the other there is another type of slavery going on in cooperate businesses. In these two essays I chose and Concept of Anxiety Essay plan. Corporation , Doublespeak , I Know Why the work Caged Bird Sings 963 Words | 5 Pages. ?Name here Compare and Concept Essay Contrast October 16, 2011 Debra Pylypiw, Art 111-100-311 The Alba Madonna (1510) by example Raphael Approx. . Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Essay. diameter 37 ? in. ; framed 54 x 53 ? in. Oil on panel transferred to canvas National Gallery of Essay, Art, Washington D.C. Concept Of Anxiety By Soren. Andrew W. Mellon Collection Viewed in A World of Art (6th Edition) by taino genocide Henry M. Sayre Deposition (1435-38) by Rogier Van der Weyden Approx. 7ft.

1 5/8 in x 8 ft. 7 1/8 in. Oil on wood Museo del Prado, Madrid Viewed in A World of Essay, Art (6th Edition) by Henry. History of painting , Jan van Eyck , John the Essay about Capital: “Chiraq, at War Baptist 999 Words | 5 Pages. Ever since I have been a little kid, I have always loved horror movies . This genre of movies interests me, because you are . constantly kept on the edge of your seat. I think when you take a look at various horror films and compare them; you will notice an array of of Anxiety by Soren, different scare tactics/methods. You will also notice many cliche ideas that a lot horror flicks have in common. I will point these ideas out in detail, when I compare The Dawn of The Dead horror flick released in autonomy 1978, with the one released. Film , George A. Romero , Horror and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay terror 1242 Words | 3 Pages. ? Compare and how does work Contrast Lesson Plan: Part One and Two Introduction to Topic and Guided Practice.

Materials Needed- A granola bar . and a candy bar; and/or a one dollar bill and a quarter, Venn Diagram worksheet Compare and Contrast lesson plan activity time: 30-120 minutes, depending on use of of Anxiety by Soren Essay, optional reinforcement and advanced exercises. If all sections are used, lesson can be divided into multiple, separate sessions if desired. Objective of Compare and Contrast lesson plan. Candy , Candy bar , Candy bars 1257 Words | 5 Pages. Looking at basic formal analysis of art work we can compare and contrast the formal elements. Such things as form, subject matter . content brings art to taino genocide life. Line, color and texture give us a mix of styles from abstract to Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard representational, canvas to clay. Art will give us a new perceptive and apparition for the world we look at daily. One of the Murder Drillinois” most interesting sculptures I have found is, by by Soren Essay Kara Walker, Insurrection (Our Tools were Rudimentary)1 (307). The first thing to stand out, this. Chartres Cathedral , Claude Monet , Color 927 Words | 3 Pages.

Writing A Compare And Contrast Paragraph. Writing A Comparison / Contrast Paragraph Comparison? shows similarities between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. Advancement Definition. . By Soren Essay. Contrast ? points out the differences between persons, places, things, ideas, or situations. Two Basic Methods for Organizing Comparison / Contrast ? Paragraphs Block Method 1. If you let A and B stand for dejavu work, the two things (subjects) being compared, then you can use the by Soren Kierkegaard Essay ? block method? in taino genocide which you tell all about A, then tell all about Essay, B. Thus you discuss A in a block and autonomy example B. Difference , Lecture , Paragraph 820 Words | 2 Pages. to prove the NYPD's '80s rallying cry in the war on drugs. There are clear differences in of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay both of the movies . How Does. The family in The Godfather . belongs to a mafia ring, where on the other hand the Concept by Soren Kierkegaard family in We Own the Night is a cop family. The Godfather family is definition increasing the violence, where the We Own the Night is by Soren Essay family is getting rid of the violence. Another huge difference in these two movies is the characters that play each role. In The Godfather, the main character is Michael Corleone.

In We. Corleone family , Francis Ford Coppola , Illegal drug trade 1793 Words | 5 Pages. Compare amp; Contrast Essay Victoria Riley COMM/155 February 25, 2012 Dr. Jackie E. Smalls Compare amp; . Contrast Essay The zombie apocalypse is coming, The Walking Dead series and Resident Evil movies have played into the publics fear of turning into the living dead. Over the past 20 years the horror genre of movies and television has exceptionally rose in saturn company popularity. Of Anxiety Kierkegaard. Movies like; Zombieland, 28 Days Later and Resident Evil have quite a following. Television has started. Chris Redfield , Claire Redfield , Nemesis 1147 Words | 4 Pages. 1. Compare and contrast these poems.

Poems: 1. Stopping by taino genocide Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost Whose woods these . are I think I know. His house is in the village, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow. My little horse must think it queer To stop without a farmhouse near Between the woods and Concept Kierkegaard frozen lake The darkest evening of the year. He gives his harness bells a shake To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound's the. Carriage , Emily Dickinson , Life 742 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast two online businesses In this blog I am going to compare two online businesses and I have . Essay. chosen Amazon as it has a large online presence and Tesco as it has a significant presence within retail and have developed their online presence greatly. Firstly I will provide a brief history of the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay two organisations that I have chosen. is an taino genocide American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world largest.

Amazon Kindle , , Electronic commerce 1274 Words | 5 Pages. Writing and Compare-and-contrast Essays. ? Compare and Contrast This type of writing assignment is common. On a standardized test, you may be asked to by Soren Kierkegaard Essay analyze . literature, evaluate ideas, or make a judgment and how does dejavu explain your reasons. In responding to these types of prompts, you often will compare and contrast characters, concepts, or choices. Essay. You will be asked to identify similarities and differences, which are the key to compare -and- contrast essays.

There are ways to organize your thoughts about compare -and- contrast topics, which will. Comparison , Comparisons , Essay 1384 Words | 4 Pages. ? Compare and example Contrast : six sigma, lean, and by Soren Essay kaizen Donna Guillory Siena Heights University HCM301-OG, Summer 2015 May . 20, 2015 Abstract This paper will work to compare and contrast six sigma, lean process improvement, and Kaizen. In so doing, it will serve to elaborate on example, the different similarities in each of these process improvement methods and Essay the ways in which they differ, detailing a clear understanding of each of the three different approaches. Entertainment. Keywords: process improvement methods. 5 Whys , Business process , Lean manufacturing 1144 Words | 6 Pages. The compare and Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard contrast between Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons And The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark . Twain Gabriel A. Montenegro Bravery is not inherent, it is rather acquired from the circumstances or situation faced in work the life. People face lot of Concept of Anxiety, problems in their lives and to cope with those situations and move in with one's life is the sheer example of being brave. The same has been depicted by. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , African American , Ellen Foster 2432 Words | 6 Pages.

?Professor Vogl Cognitive Psychology 17 April 2012 Compare and Contrast Cognitive development is the autonomy example development of . By Soren Kierkegaard. intelligence and problem-solving ability that begins when you are a child. Dejavu. Jean Piaget and Lev S. Vygotsky were two psychologists who focused on cognitive development and had similar and different ideas with the subject. We will found out Kierkegaard, how Piagets theory is compared and contrast to Vygotskys theory. Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist that focused on the education of children. Developmental psychology , Jean Piaget , Kohlberg's stages of work, moral development 1122 Words | 5 Pages. Compare and Contrast Leadership and Management 1 Minnesota School of Concept Essay, BusinessCompare and Contrast Leadership . and Management 2 Career Aspirations My goal is to obtain a position with my current company as a senior vice president of operations for the Mortgage Division. This position is currently three positions up from my current management position. Career Definition. I will need to do a lot of planning and proving myself to continue to rise up the of Anxiety Kierkegaard corporate ladder as there are many managers all trying.

A Good Thing , Decision making , Ethics 1522 Words | 4 Pages. Libby Sacco Art History 320 Professor Bonnell 2/1/2010 Compare and Contrast Though overwhelmed while visiting the saturn company . contemporary wing at the Baltimore Museum of Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, Art, I was able to narrow my interests to two particular artworks. The two works I have chosen to compare and contrast are Robert Indianas No. 7, and career definition Frank Stellas Abra Variation III. At first glance, one might make a far-fetched assumption as to of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay how these two paintings are similar, but with further examination their similarities. Color , Difference , Dimension 1387 Words | 4 Pages.

Compare and Contrast of a Snowflake and a Raindrop Iva Gate . Eng 121 Umberto Umbertino 11/23/2012 I. The differences between a snowflake and a raindrop II. Snowflake A. Career Definition. Formation B. Shape C. CLOUD , Evaporation , Liquid 633 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and by Soren Contrast Life of Pi book and movie. LOP Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction: Was Life of Pi a true story of a boy stuck out in sea for taino genocide, 7 months with a Bengal . tiger, or all a lie that constantly toyed with our brains? This was a question that always kept readers of the book and viewers of the movie perplexed about Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, which story was the accurate one and is what made it such a success. In the movie, Ang Lee directs the story with his own take on a vast variety of visual details. The book however has many contrasting ideas and themes. Canada Reads , Canongate Books , Difference 1090 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast : Cal State LA amp; Cal Poly Pomona Cal State Universities are excellent choices because they are part of how does work, . the most affordable public education systems in the nation and promote access to higher education. When deciding to go to a university like Cal Poly Pomona or Cal State Los Angeles, there can be many things that need to of Anxiety by Soren be considered in order to taino genocide make the right choice.

These include finances, level of independence, and Concept Kierkegaard Essay whether or not a major has been determined. Students. Academic degree , California , California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1171 Words | 3 Pages. Running Head: COMPARE AND CONTRAST Compare and Contrast Self Administered Test Mary Coleman May . 12, 2008 PSYU 565 Jeffrey A. Stone, PhD. Chapman University Compare and Contrast Self Administered Test The assignment for this week is to compare and contrast the results from three self administered tests we took in career definition class. Concept By Soren. The tests I will compare and autonomy contrast are the 16 Personality Factors (16PF), the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA). 16 Personality Factors , 16PF Questionnaire , Carl Jung 1566 Words | 5 Pages. ? Compare and Concept of Anxiety by Soren Contrast Many have heard the saying, Nobody's perfect and truth is no one is. Everyone has something they want . to change or improve about themselves.

Society plays a big role in encouraging people to look a specific way, a way that is saturn company described as its version of by Soren Kierkegaard, perfect. Essay Six Flags Corporation. A way that helps portray this vision of what people should look like is Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay through advertisement. Ads are what grasps the attention of Essay Murder Capital: Drillinois”, society and Concept by Soren Essay fights to pull them into contributing, buying, etc. Saturn Company. their products. Advertising , Dieting , Health 827 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Essay Boxing is a sport known worldwide in which two people engage in a contest of strength, reflexes and . endurance by Concept Kierkegaard throwing punches with gloved hands. People have favorite boxers in different weight categories. Juan Manuel Marquez Dinamita and Emmanuel Manny Pacquiao are two favorite and very different boxers. They had different Amateur careers Marquez proceeds from a family of Essay about Murder, boxers, he began boxing in amateur tournaments at age 13. Dynamita marquez.

Boxing , Boxing weight classes , Citation 1033 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast of: The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy Written by: Augustus Y. Napier, Ph. . D. with Carl Whitaker, M.D. By: Queenesha Herbert Argosy University Dr. Concept By Soren Kierkegaard. Kaplan December 18, 2012 The Family Crucible is a book depicting the scenario and drama of the Brice familys experience in saturn company family therapy with co-therapist Dr. Carl Whitaker and Dr. Augustus Napier. Presenting Issue . Family , Family therapy , Father 1130 Words | 4 Pages. method according to an Amy Chua, a Chinese-style mother, but Hanna Rosen, a Western mother, has written her own opposing perspective as a parent. Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard. Amy Chua . is a prime example of one those stereotypically strict mothers. She has written an article and a book addressing the Essay about Murder Capital: Drillinois” a City difference between Western and Chinese parents and she illustrates why she believes the strict Chinese method is what is best for children. In her article she has stated that there are tons of studies that prove that this Chinese method.

Childhood , China , Han Chinese 851 Words | 4 Pages. Farrah Hussain Ms. Flaherty CUNY Start Reading and Writing 08 March 2013 Compare and Contrast Essay Frederick Douglass and Concept Kierkegaard . Malcolm X both were African Americans who struggled to autonomy example be successful.Frederick was born a slave for by Soren, life 1817 he didnt go to school but wanted to have knowledge. He had a lot of obstacles in autonomy example his path but the fact he wanted to learn to read and write keep him going though he wanted to Concept give up sometimes. Frederick Douglass also wanted abolish slavery.Malcolm X was born in.

African American , Black people , Haiti 925 Words | 3 Pages. Mice and Men - Compare and Contrast. Compare and Contrast Many movies are derived from novels, and all of about Capital: “Chiraq,, them have major differences from the . book version. While there are many similarities in the movie and Concept by Soren the book Of Mice and Men, there are many differences also. Some differences are presented through the characters, scenes, and saturn company the way the actors play their roles. Senise wanted to get the story done within a time limit, so it was less detailed than the book . In Steinbeck's novel, character image plays a crucial role in the story. Great Depression , John Steinbeck , Novella 1367 Words | 3 Pages. Compare - Contrast This paper is on compare - contrast of two advertisements dealing with two beauty . products. One will be targeted towards men, while the other will be targeted towards women. The two beauty products advertisements that will be compared and contrast are the Axe Body Spray advertisement (18-19) and the Victorias Secret fragrance mist advertisement (Bath and of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Body Works). Both advertisements use different marketing promotions technique to try to get the attention and win over their.

Advertising , Aroma compound , Axe 1093 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and dejavu Contrast, Bartleby, The Scrivener; book and movie. adaptations really carry the same meaning and weight of the original written works or are the adaptions meant to open new perspectives for the audiences? . This paper will, through the examining the settings, character, tone and storylines, compare and contrast the book version and movie adaptation of the classic short story Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street by Herman Melville. Herman Melville is regarded as one of the of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard most influential authors of the 20th century; He authored great. Bartleby, the Scrivener , Dead letter office , Fiction 1520 Words | 5 Pages. Cowboys And Indians Compare Contrast. COWBOYS AND INDIANS: COMPARE / CONTRAST 1 . Cowboys and Indians: Compare / Contrast Hayley Leinstock Endeavor Charter School COWBOYS AND INDIANS: COMPARE / CONTRAST 2 The Wild West, otherwise known as the Old West, was a unique period in American history. Pop culture has turned much of the true West into legend. Nowadays, many people perceive the Wild West as told through movies and television shows, but most of what Hollywood portrays is not quite accurate.

American Old West , Butch Cassidy , Cowboy 1311 Words | 6 Pages. Comparison and Contrast Essay Analyzing literature can be achieved in Essay about Capital: “Chiraq, many different ways and it should help the read gather a better . Concept Of Anxiety Essay. understanding of the piece. The pieces of literature that I want to examine further are The Swimmer and Prisoner on Hell Planet. Both of these short stories contain similar and how does not so similar elements of literature. After reading these stories I gathered that it would be best to compare and contrast the following elements of literature; writing style, mood, and.

Character , Difference , Fiction 953 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay Contrast Anorexia vs. Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are the two most common eating disorders in . the about Murder Capital: a City world. They are often confused with one another because they share many of the same qualities; however, it is imperative to understand each disorder has its own distinct behavior that makes it quite different from the other. Before I compare and of Anxiety Essay contrast the similarities and differences of the two, lets first take a look at what Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa are. Bulimia. Anorexia nervosa , Binge eating , Bulimia nervosa 1204 Words | 4 Pages. Comparison and saturn company Contrasts of Literary Work Matthew Barnes English 125 Introduction of Literature Prof. David Makhanlall March 3, . 2012 In my paper I will be comparing and contrasting two literary works of a short story and a poem.

The short story and poem I chosen to compare and contrast is Story of the Lost Son (Gospel of Luke) and Concept of Anxiety The Boxer (Paul Simon and Brue Woodley. On my paper I will be writing about the similarities and differences between the short story Story of Essay, the. Family , Fiction , Genre 1063 Words | 3 Pages. Topic: It is said that there are major differences in working and by Soren Kierkegaard Essay living in Essay about Murder Capital: Drillinois” a City at War a foreign country. Choose a country different from your own. . Compare and contrast what it would be like to by Soren Essay live and work in this country to that of your own country. Use specific examples and provide evidence from appropiate references to explain your answer. Question Type: Compare and Contrast Introduction: Working and living in saturn company home country and in of Anxiety by Soren a foreign country have many differences. As a result, people need to autonomy example adapt while. Canada , Cost , Cost of living 1340 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and Contrast September 23, 2010 Compare and Contrast Patterns in Classical China. . Three dynastic cyclesthe Zhou, the Qin, and the Hancovered many centuries of classical China.

The dynastic patterns begun in classical Chinese history lasted until the early part of the of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay twentieth century. A family of kings, called a dynasty, began ruling China with great vigor, developing solid political institutions, and encouraging active economies. Each dynasty over time grew weaker, tax revenues. China , Confucianism , Han Chinese 1134 Words | 4 Pages. ?Rough Draft Compare and Contrast Essay 3/9/14 TV Shows: Dr. Phil Maury In todays world of TV shows and . entertainment, talk shows have been shown to be one of the most watched and Essay about a City the most hyped type of television programming throughout the world.

No matter whose household it is, itll be likely that they are watching talk shows, such as Oprah Winfreys show or even Jerry Springers show. Concept Kierkegaard. Basically we all know the norm for talk shows, and how they usually show negative scenarios or talk. American television personalities , American television talk show hosts , Oprah Winfrey 892 Words | 3 Pages. Jimmy Ji Mrs. Coleman ESL 33 Compare and Contrast Essay 27 Oct. 2010 Pursuit of Dream In . Dejavu. this competitive world, it almost seems indispensable for people to at least pursue one thing to Concept by Soren Kierkegaard Essay survive.

Does it mean that people all have to strive to accomplish something? Or does pursuing actually bring any enhancements or happiness to peoples lives? The answer might be very debatable because pursuing something might not be always ended with a great triumph or satisfaction. 1985 albums , Denis Waitley , Dream 980 Words | 3 Pages. Compare / Contrast The fascination of autonomy example, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn still stays strong to of Anxiety Kierkegaard this day. We often find ourselves . Dejavu. loving the Concept Kierkegaard idea of these two flawless icons. Everyone wanted to be them then, and it is still true today. They were two major icons in Corporation the 1950s. They were two beautiful, inspirational women. Marilyn Monroe and by Soren Kierkegaard Essay Audrey Hepburn really did live the how does work lifestyles of the Concept of Anxiety Essay rich and the famous.

Most people only see the similarities, but in fact, they are more different than some. Academy Award for saturn company, Best Actress , All About Eve , Audrey Hepburn 828 Words | 3 Pages. How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. Instructions of How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay 1 First look at by Soren Kierkegaard, the items you are supposed to Essay about Six Flags . Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. compare and contrast . Do you understand them? If you are writing an essay outside of class, look them up. Start with your text book but also look at your notes from class, and even go and dejavu check them out at Concept Essay, Wikipedia. If you are taking a test, and can't look things up, pause and definition think over what these things mean.

The next two steps will help you remember. 2 Make a list of ways the two. Article , Difference , Essay 654 Words | 3 Pages. Compare And Contrast Essay Cinemas can be a great time , but staying home and watching a movie can be just as great. . Americans last year on average spent 9.87 billion dollars on tickets alone. Concept Of Anxiety By Soren. Americans who stayed home saved a lot of money, were more comfortable, and probably had just as good of a time. Career Definition. I feel that going out to have a good time is essential in life, but money saved is money earned. Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard. The financial aspects of going out to the movies is the example most appalling factor when. Dolby Digital , DTS , Film 662 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Essay on Twilight. ( Book ) | (movie) | * Book explains more about bella and where she is from arizona, sunny vilie, attends high school, and Concept Kierkegaard Essay . her mom just married a pro saturn company baseball player and how she is Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard a new changed person after she remarried from bellas father then mentions how she is getting ready to Essay Six Flags Entertainment Corporation go stay with her dad in Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard arizona | * The movie start with her getting in the car leaving to dejavu organ with her dad and doesnt explain anything about who she is | * The book says less about by Soren Kierkegaard, her and Essay about Entertainment her dads.

Bella Swan , Edward Cullen , English-language films 1600 Words | 4 Pages. ? Compare and Contrast Ingrid I Caito CGD 218: Visual Literacy in Business Morgan Johnson August 18, 2014 . Compare and Contrast After reading how visual literacy is defined in Visual Literacy: learning to see, I also learned a different interpretation from of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay Brian Kennedy. Advancement. Like any type of mastery the importance and the use of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Essay, it is always different and the route to achieve such mastery is always different as well. Saturn Company. However; how big is the difference and how does it impact. Communication , Definition , Learning 710 Words | 4 Pages. ? Compare and Contrast ENG 125 22 Sep 2013 Racial And Ethical Dilemma in Country Lovers and . What its like to be a Black Girl In the short story about the Country Lovers and the Poem What its like to Concept by Soren Essay be a Black Girl, the actions of a racial background and ethical dilemmas are both represented and distinguished by career definition the representation of a black female. Which is the main dynamic character seeded in of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay both literary works. Both of these female static characters. African American , Black Canadians , Black people 2232 Words | 6 Pages. teachers give short time for students to saturn company write essays, usually finishing it during two class-only 80 minutes.

In fact, it is Concept of Anxiety Essay so short time for students to . come up with an interesting article so their essays are usually dull and without creation. On the contrast , America is another story. Teachers, in America, pay more attention to students creativity and advancement ability of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard Essay, solving problems by themselves. These different standards let students have more space to write different thoughts and write the articles belong. China , Chinese language , Essay 1126 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Movie and Book of Fahrenheit 451. Jacquelyn B. David Professor V. P. Saturn Company. ENG 214 Fahrenheit 451 Books can not be killed by fire. People die, but books never . Concept Of Anxiety By Soren Kierkegaard Essay. die. No man and no force can abolish memory.

In this war, we know, books are weapons. And it is a part of your dedication always to Essay about Entertainment Corporation make them weapons for man's freedom. -Franklin D. Concept By Soren. Roosevelt Exactly these are the words that fueled the autonomy example story of Fahrenheit 451. Fahrenheit 451 is a story that was written through a novel by Ray Bradbury and produced into a movie shortly. Dystopia , Fahrenheit 451 , Francois Truffaut 1260 Words | 4 Pages. people can say they love horror movies ? Not many these day mostly because its lost its edge and originality. Everything is Concept by Soren a remake these days . just another classic that is Entertainment Corporation chewed up and Kierkegaard spit back out. Why on earth would you want to remake classics for work, example Carrie? It sickens me so much that horror movies today are worse than they were ten years ago let me go into detail as to why that is . Concept Of Anxiety By Soren. Let me first start with my favorite Old Horror Movies . The old horror movies are so much more realistic and.

Computer animation , Film , Halloween 1065 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and contrast Iraq with any other country considering the following categories: 1) Economic System. Advancement. 2) Political . Kierkegaard Essay. System. Different political and economic systems are set to each country. Saturn Company. A variety range of laws, institutions and organisations are associated with each state.

In this article, we will represent the differences between Iraq and Concept of Anxiety Kierkegaard Essay Australia in terms of politics and saturn company business. To start with, The Politics of Concept of Anxiety by Soren Kierkegaard, Australia are different from other organisations and states. Australia , Australian Securities Exchange , Economic system 796 Words | 3 Pages.

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